Corporate Social Responsibility

The Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance aspects in Esco have been embedded in our daily business operations through our policies, company rules, our KPIs, and ISO certifications (9001, 14001, and 13485). Our Esco offices, managers, and staff have implemented their ESG initiatives and are held accountable for them in their respective areas.

Environment-Friendly Operations

Esco recognizes the delicate balance needed to maintain the world's natural resources. We are committed to preserving the environment and making it healthier, safer, and cleaner through a strategy of continuous improvement of our compliance to all the applicable legal and societal requirements of the countries where Esco companies operate. Included in these initiatives are waste recycling projects, developing green products, and measuring, reviewing, and reducing pollution and the environmental impact of our operations.

Social Responsibility

Esco is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility. Our corporate social responsibility programs include providing English classes for the underprivileged in Bintan, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for our staff, looking after the well-being of our employees, and sharing Biosafety Awareness content via seminars, newsletters, and social media platforms.

Corporate Governance

We are implementing policies and guidelines to ensure responsible and ethical business conduct throughout the group. These policies include a Code of Ethics, Code of Business Conduct, and procedures to safeguard against corruption. We also follow relevant and applicable guidelines on GMOs and the handling of biological materials such as the import and management of cell lines for research and development purposes.